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A Military Veteran Shares Why She Works at BCBSAZ

“We’re a mixing pot of personalities, and that’s fun!” says Ann Tallman, a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona customer service representative.

After her military tours of duty—seven years in the Air Force and six in the Air National Guard—Ann chose to work for Blue because she wanted to put down roots with a well-regarded, well-established company like Blue.

“As a military person you move around every few years,” Ann explains. “So being at a company that you can stay with, grow within and move up within is important to me, instead of looking for a job somewhere else or moving to another city.”

She also sought a workplace where she helps people, and a place that feels like home, which is how she describes our company and her relationship with co-workers.

“Everybody treats you like family,” she says with a smile. “Each person brings something unique to the office. That’s one of the nice things about working here.”

We value veterans, and that attracted her. Blue has employed veterans of all ages from all military branches across our workforce, from our CEO and president, to people in mail operations.

“That matters to me. Once you’ve been in the military and you meet someone else who has been in the military, there’s an instant bond,” Ann explains. “It feels really good.”

The constant variety is what she likes most about her more than eight years assisting members and providers with questions and concerns.

“Every phone call is different,” Ann says. “Every day is different, and I’m doing something that helps people.”

She’s proud to work for Blue, which operates as a more than 75-year-old independent, local not-for-profit, Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan that is looking out for Arizona families.

“I’ve never seen more people in one office who deeply care about the customers. We want people to use and understand their benefits and feel healthy and happy. We care about the welfare of the people who rely on us.”

A good benefits package matters to Ann, and ours includes a great 401K plan and full compensation package with health, dental, life, short-term disability and long-term disability, along with top-notch facilities, such an onsite fitness center and cafeteria; and teleworking opportunities.

She encourages both veterans and non-veterans to apply.

“You feel fulfilled knowing you’ve been able to help people,” she says. “We often have in-person walk-ins, and I love sitting down with them and working for them.”

We would love to hear from you today. See some of our job openings on LinkedIn or, for a full list and how to apply, visit azblue.com/careers.