14:21 PM

Alison hikes her way to good health and relaxation

Who says getting fit has to be expensive? Strategic Programs and Events Specialist Alison thinks otherwise. She has committed to hiking at least once a week—no gym membership needed. In addition to torching some serious calories, Alison has also found it's a good way to unwind at the end of the week.

“I love being outside, exploring new areas, and catching up with friends during the hike," she says. “The bonus is that my 8½-year-old golden retriever loves to hike too, so it's great exercise for her as well. Hiking really has become one of my favorite hobbies!"

Hiking is a great workout that you can approach at your own pace. Whether you’re taking it slowly or hitting the trail for some revved-up cardio, your whole body benefits. Bones get stronger, and you build muscle in your legs and glutes too. Blood pressure and blood sugar levels improve. And it’s a great way to enhance coordination and balance.

Alison chooses to hike to get these benefits. But there are lots of ways to stay active and make healthy happen for you—take classes at a gym, try workout videos at home, or go on jogs around your neighborhood. Whatever you choose, be sure to consult your doctor before starting any new workout routine.

At BCBSAZ, we encourage all of our employees to make healthy choices, and we provide various tools and resources to help them succeed, including an on-site fitness center, wellness challenges, and access to educational materials.

Follow Alison’s lead and make healthy happen in your own life!