15:24 PM

Can Obamacare Be Saved?

As the pool of providers continues to shrink on the Health Insurance Marketplace, it’s important everyone – from insurers, consumers and government – start asking the hard questions and determine what needs to change for the system to work. Here in Arizona, many insurers have exited the Health Insurance Marketplace, including Aetna and UnitedHealth. According to Fortune, Obamacare has resulted in 20 million more Americans being covered by health insurance. Although the numbers of those enrolled are impressive, the cost of insuring this population with few options is devastating. Change is critical in order to make the program sustainable for providers, payers and consumers. At BCBSAZ, we’ve created “Healthcare in View” to help educate consumers on significant healthcare issues and trends to assist our communities in making smart choices and important decisions. Read the Fortune article to learn more about this topic and trending news.