08:48 AM

Choose Love

A message from our President and CEO, Pam Kehaly

Our organization sits on a foundation of respect, inclusion, and social justice. As a company, we embrace diversity, and foster an environment in which all people are treated fairly, and valued for who they are.

Right now, our communities, our state, our country, and the world are hurting. Our hearts ache for the inexplicable death of George Floyd and what his death means for us as a nation.

Like me, you may feel a sense of helplessness right now regarding our country’s ability to close the chasms on those issues that divide us. But each of us can make a difference, and each of us can play a role in healing our nation. We have the opportunity to offer understanding and compassion in the midst of chaos. We can celebrate and embrace differences. We can choose love over hate and anger. We can be a part of positive and needed change, one person at a time.

Many of you have heard the story about the young boy walking on a beach amid thousands of stranded starfish, stooping every so often to throw one back into the sea. An old man, seeing this, asked the boy why he was wasting his time when there were thousands of washed up starfish. What difference could he possibly be making? The little boy responded, “For the starfish I throw back in the sea, I am making a difference.”

We can individually make a difference. I’ve called on the 2,400 employees of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona to be a light of hope and inspiration for our communities. I invite you to do the same.

Be well,

Pam Kehaly

President and CEO, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona