11:33 AM

Dr. Christ Joins BCBSAZ as Chief Medical Officer

I’d like to announce that as of August 30, 2021, Dr. Cara Christ is joining Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona as our Chief Medical Officer. Many of you are familiar with Dr. Christ’s role as Director of Arizona’s Department of Health Services where, even prior to the pandemic, she became known for thinking big, approaching health strategically, and leveraging the best of medicine and science to improve life and health for Arizonans. 

In her role as Chief Medical Officer reporting to me, Dr. Christ will continue the excellent work of her predecessor in the areas of medical policy and provider relations. She will also work with the BCBSAZ team to design a future where health is more affordable, convenient, and personalized for members, providers, and employers who rely on BCBSAZ to help deliver value and improve health.  

“I’m pleased to join Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona at a time when medical advances, data insights, and digital connectivity can all come together to inspire health. I’m honored to continue my service to the State of Arizona in this new capacity,” says Christ.  

Dr. Christ earned her Doctor of Medicine from the University of Arizona College of Medicine and holds a master’s degree in microbiology with an emphasis in molecular virology and public health. She has served in multiple clinical leadership roles for ADHS since 2008, including leading statewide efforts during the 2009 H1N1 pandemic, and working with partners to find solutions to improve childhood vaccination programs. 

You may also know of Dr. Christ through our joint work with the State of Arizona on the 24/7 mass-vaccination clinic at State Farm Stadium earlier this year, where nearly 500,000 people were vaccinated in a few short months. Like many of you, I have seen her in action, have witnessed what she can accomplish, and am excited to work together to advance Arizona. 

We look forward to continued collaboration with the State of Arizona and are working closely with Governor Ducey’s office to ensure a smooth transition, especially for Arizonans.  

Dr. Christ is a 30-year resident of Arizona, where she lives with her husband and three children. Please join me in welcoming Dr. Christ. 

Be well,