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For more than 75 years, our people have been here for your biggest accomplishments, your fearless moments, and in your time of need. Our people are your friends, your neighbors–your community. They are at the heart of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, and make it their mission to provide the best value in health insurance and related health services to improve the quality of life for Arizonans.

Why work at Blue? Well, here are some answers:


More than 600 people call our IT department home. So should you!.

This video is a glimpse into the day-in-the-life of the IT department from an employee’s perspective. It is our way of telling the technology community that we are proud of what we do for our members, providers, and internal customers. Each IT employee is empowered to bring new ideas and positive contributions to our departments. It’s a culture we believe in, it’s a culture we can be proud of. We have created this short video that encapsulates this culture of collaboration, ownership, and innovation. Enjoy!

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A Military Veteran Shares Why She Works at BCBSAZ

“We’re a mixing pot of personalities, and that’s fun!” says Ann Tallman, a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona customer service representative.

After her military tours of duty—seven years in the Air Force and six in the Air National Guard—Ann chose to work for Blue because she wanted to put down roots with a well-regarded, well-established company like Blue.

“As a military person you move around every few years,” Ann explains. “So being at a company that you can stay with, grow within and move up within is important to me, instead of looking for a job somewhere else or moving to another city.”

She also sought a workplace where she helps people, and a place that feels like home, which is how she describes our company and her relationship with co-workers.

“Everybody treats you like family,” she says with a smile. “Each person brings something unique to the office. That’s one of the nice things about working here.”

We value veterans, and that attracted her. Blue has employed veterans of all ages from all military branches across our workforce, from our CEO and president, to people in mail operations.

“That matters to me. Once you’ve been in the military and you meet someone else who has been in the military, there’s an instant bond,” Ann explains. “It feels really good.”

The constant variety is what she likes most about her more than eight years assisting members and providers with questions and concerns.

“Every phone call is different,” Ann says. “Every day is different, and I’m doing something that helps people.”

She’s proud to work for Blue, which operates as a more than 75-year-old independent, local not-for-profit, Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan that is looking out for Arizona families.

“I’ve never seen more people in one office who deeply care about the customers. We want people to use and understand their benefits and feel healthy and happy. We care about the welfare of the people who rely on us.”

A good benefits package matters to Ann, and ours includes a great 401K plan and full compensation package with health, dental, life, short-term disability and long-term disability, along with top-notch facilities, such an onsite fitness center and cafeteria; and teleworking opportunities.

She encourages both veterans and non-veterans to apply.

“You feel fulfilled knowing you’ve been able to help people,” she says. “We often have in-person walk-ins, and I love sitting down with them and working for them.”

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Informatics Pro Shares Why She Works at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona

“Love what you do. Get good at it. Competence is a rare commodity in this day and age.” -Jon Stewart.

Tracy Roth agrees. She worked hard to gain the knowledge shaping her emerging profession, and loves bringing its power to the forefront of business decisions at Blue. She describes her job in informatics as the science of leveraging information to solve problems, answer questions, and make strategic choices.

“Informatics is understanding and using data, calculations and the business of what we do,” Tracy explains. “It makes a difference for the company and the healthcare industry. I love the field. My second grader thinks that I draw pictures on whiteboards all day, and my fourth grader thinks that I answer questions and do math. It’s all of that and more.”

Tracy has worked in informatics for more than a decade and even earned her degree in it. She came into the profession because she knew she wanted to work on both the technical and business sides of healthcare. Her team provides valuable insights and input into our company’s products and services. “We get to be involved in both the process and technical design solutions and also in our partnerships with providers.”

She decided that she wanted to work for Blue because of our values and the work-life balance that is important to her. “I chose to work at BCBSAZ because of the reputation, the stability, the people, the opportunities and the lifestyle,” she says. “It’s interactive and dynamic, and a place where I can make an impact, but that also provides me with a balance.”

In addition to the values and balance, Tracy was drawn by our service to the community, support of many local nonprofits, and benefits. For example, she took advantage of the tuition reimbursement program to earn her master’s degree. Between the financial help and the support from her manager, she went to school while working full-time.

Tracy encourages other professionals to look into working here, whether they’re in informatics or in other fields. There are many professions at Blue–and some may just surprise you!

“There’s the constant opportunity to develop new skills here and lots of options in other departments or within your own. I encourage others to apply.”


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An Actuary Shares Why She Works at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona

“I wanted to work for the industry’s best,” says Lydia Tolman. The actuarial services manager specifically chose us because of Blue’s reputation.

“At my old company, an actuarial consulting firm, everyone said, ‘the Blues are doing this… the Blues are doing that.’ BCBSAZ helps shape the industry. That’s why I wanted to work here. I’m not exaggerating when I say that have a great reputation in the industry.”

As an actuary, Lydia manages risk, which includes forecasting financial results, setting premium rates and ensuring there is enough money set aside to honor all commitments.

“We balance several factors and get to solve difficult problems. Coming up with solutions that may impact the entire industry excites me,” she says with a smile.

Lydia personally enjoys our unique telework perk. After six months, actuary department employees, as well those in some other areas, can telecommute from one day a week to five.

Lydia appreciates our company culture. People support one another, she says. The company cares about employees’ health, which translates into work-life balance, as well as an onsite fitness center and a cafeteria with healthy food options.

“Blue Cross helps us meet our health and wellness goals with support and reimbursement programs, which isn’t the case everywhere,” Lydia says. “And my manager cares that I have a life outside of work and about me as a person. He knows me, my family and my career goals.”

She respects our value of always doing the right thing, which is similar with her own.

“We really care about our members. I feel good about us as a company. We’re working to make Arizona healthier.”

Within her first two years at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, she was promoted to the manager of actuary services.

“BCBSAZ gives me opportunities to advance and grow in my career, and I get to help my team grow their skill sets and develop their careers,” she says.

Her last piece of advice: people considering a career as an actuary them to take an internship and see if they like this job then try to get as many of the certification exams out of the way while still in college.

To actuaries and other professionals, she says they should definitely consider applying to BCBSAZ.

“Every day you will do something industry-leading, and at this company, you’re going to be able to develop and grow in your career. I also love it here so much that I’ve talked about my great job so often that my husband applied here.”

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Why should a nurse work at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona? Discover what this RN has to say about it and why she thinks other nurses should considers working at Blue.

“I became a nurse because of my mom,” says Dawn Naccarato. “As a kid, I watched her put on her white cap and gown, and she had such pride.”

Dawn smiles at the memory. “I wanted to be just like Mom.”

And in many ways Dawn is, as she takes great pride in helping members become healthy and stay healthy. For example, she recalls a member who suffered a spinal injury and was unable to work. Dawn stepped in to help identify in-network benefits and a doctor, which saved the member significant costs and get the care he needed. Our member returned to work and got back to normal life. It’s just one of the hopeful stories that inspires her.

Here, she answers a few questions about her job:

Q: What keeps you motivated at work?

I love helping people return to good health. It’s rewarding to make a difference in their lives, and that’s what we’re about here at Blue.

Q: Can you think of another example of helping members?

There are several. One time I assisted someone suffering with a locked jaw because of a history of facial bone cancer. Doctors recommended a difficult-to-find device designed to work the jaw muscles. The member spent months trying to track one down, but was unsuccessful and reached out to us for help. I identified a supplier, and the device worked even better than expected and our member got the care needed.

Q: What makes working for us different than for other companies?

I haven’t work for another company that cares about employees the way Blue Cross does. They really care about us as people—about our career ambitions and where we want to be in the future. All levels of management and my co-workers support one another. They also care about our health and wellness.

Q: Where do you see yourself in the future?

I would like to move into a supervisory position, and I know that’s possible here. Right now I’m participating in a team leadership program and being groomed for leadership. I plan on being here for a while.

Q: What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I love to read, and if I had more time, I would spend all of my time reading. But right now I’m pursuing an online university degree. Working at Blue allows me to benefit from the tuition reimbursement program. This helps make finishing my degree more affordable. That’s a special benefit of the company, in addition to our compensation package, that I really like.


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Learn why our IT director considers Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona a great place to be, and why she would encourage other to work here, as well.

“A company’s size really matters. Being too large doesn’t empower employees,” says Kim Stuckey, IT director. She can make a big impact at our organization, work closely with other teams and see how what she does helps our members—and because we influence the industry, watch our company’s initiatives improve healthcare.

She values that ability and explains why she chose us and would encourage other IT pros to, as well.

Q: How would you describe your job?

I am the director of IT. My team ensures that employees can do their jobs every day and members experience seamless technology with our applications and websites.

Q: What makes BCBSAZ different from other businesses?

We get to see how the solutions we build and problems we solve provide better healthcare. My team knows what each application and server supports in the company and how it benefits our members. In my experience, the IT team doesn’t get to do that at larger companies.

Q: What’s our most important value?

We focus on making each member’s experience as best as possible, and we’re all marching toward that goal together–which is inspiring. That keeps me motivated and engaged.

Q: What’s something you enjoy about your job?

Here at Blue Cross, my team can influence management and affect how we operate as an organization. For instance, my team and I sometimes propose new solutions with proofs of concept to the CEO and senior management. That’s pretty cool. I also like that Blue has such a big impact on healthcare as a whole. It’s exciting to be part of something that matters and changes so much.

Blue rocks because we work as a team and you get to know many of your co-workers. It’s exciting because you know what you’re supporting and how you’re making a difference.

Q: Have you advanced your career here?

Definitely. Our company provides numerous opportunities for upward mobility. I’ve promoted many people within my department and earned a promotion myself. And I’ve seen a lot of my co-workers in other departments move up in their roles.

Q: Do you have any advice for those looking to advance their careers, even if they’re not in IT?

Just go for it. Back when I was a systems engineer and wanted to get into management I felt nervous about it. I hesitated to apply for a supervisory position, but my mentor encouraged me to do so, and I’m so glad I did.

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