Provider Newsletter Archive 2017

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December 2017

  • 2018 Provider Op Guide update
  • FEP benefits for 2018
  • New telehealth services for groups
  • Best practices for prescribing opioids
  • Guidelines for well-child visits for infants
  • Modified pricing for secondary claims

November 2017

  • New IVR phone system will offer added features
  • 2018 PCP Coordinated Care HMO plans
  • BCBSAZ no longer covers these drugs
  • Recommended care visits for new moms
  • Help patients access personal health information
  • What's new with fees and code edits

October 2017

  • Why NPs and PAs need to contract with BCBSAZ
  • Should you bill for one hearing aid…or two?
  • Learn who does what for BlueCard members
  • Medical Coverage Guidelines updates
  • What does our patient survey reveal?

September 2017

  • Revised mammography services pricing
  • Treating healthy adults with bronchitis
  • URAC accreditations affirm BCBSAZ quality
  • Care coordination takes a team mindset

August 2017

  • Coming soon: Provider portal updates
  • Get a look at international ID cards
  • What “Blue Distinction” means to members
  • Communication skills build patient trust
  • What’s new with fees and code edits

July 2017

  • HEDIS® Hub focuses on quality + performance
  • Updates to Provider Operating Guide
  • BCBSAZ’s new exclusive network in Pima County
  • A great patient experience takes teamwork

June 2017

  • Members can see if you participate in PCMH
  • Healthcare legislation continues to make news
  • Revised pricing policy for eye refraction services
  • Moderate sedation reimbursement guidelines
  • Patients often pay the price for referral errors
  • Empower patients to share healthcare decisions

May 2017

  • See how we’re putting your feedback into action
  • CHS welcomes back UFCW employer group
  • The new norm for patient wait times
  • What’s new with fees and code edits

April 2017

  • New! PCP panel rosters for Neighborhood HMO
  • Pricing policy change for urine drug tests
  • New pricing for mammography services
  • Avoid returned claims for unclassified drugs
  • Survey questions reveal what patients want

March 2017

  • Fraud by others can hurt your good name
  • NPs and PAs must contract directly with BCBSAZ
  • Hello from the other side: We need your email!
  • Send that request letter with records response
  • Putting patients first brings out your best

February 2017

  • 2017 ushers in change at federal and state levels
  • Quality matters: An update to quality programs
  • Get the latest claims info updates here
  • Honest communication builds patient trust
  • Check what’s new with fees and code edits

January 2017

  • 2017 Provider Op Guide updates
  • Member ID prefixes confirm eligibility
  • Helpful Neighborhood Network support
  • ID cards for Neighborhood HMO
  • Patient experience:
  • 2016 in review

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