Provider Newsletter Archive 2018

December 2018

  • 2019 Provider Op Guide updates
  • FEP benefits for 2019
  • Learn more about 2019 eviCore precert
  • Certain specialty infusion drugs: Sites of service

November 2018

  • Post-hospitalization follow-up for mental illness
  • Details for new coding rules coming soon
  • Pricing revisions for certain outpatient services
  • Out-of-area members? Get quick E&B info
  • Empower patients to choose evidence-based care
  • What's new with fees and edits

October 2018

  • eviCore precert for 2019: Overview
  • PCP Coordinated Care HMO plans for 2019
  • New methodology for anesthesia pricing
  • Q&A: How peer-to-peer conversations work
  • Non-emergency ambulance diagnosis codes
  • Master active listening using SAGE & THYME®

September 2018

  • Mobilize AZ fights opioid and substance misuse
  • Provider Partnerships: Our new name says it all
  • Claim adjustments via 837 electronic transaction
  • Medical Coverage Guidelines update
  • New pricing: Telemedicine modifiers GT and 95
  • Create patient value with an effective AVS

August 2018

  • Claim adjustments vs. grievances/appeals
  • New records retrieval vendor for Blue plans
  • Obsolete drug codes will deny as of Oct. 1
  • Process CHS claims quickly and accurately
  • Good communication supports adverse events
  • What’s new with fees and code edits

July 2018

  • Provider Operating Guide midyear revisions
  • Must-have colorectal cancer screenings
  • Yuma Regional Medical Center employer group
  • Timesavers for Medicare crossover claims
  • 3 skills to improve patient relationships

June 2018

  • State enacts opioid and other healthcare bills
  • Protect PHI: Use the correct CHS group number
  • Revenue codes for transplant donor services
  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T spells better patient interactions

May 2018 

  • Prescribing guidelines to reduce opioid misuse
  • Precert required for certain infusion drugs
  • HEDIS plan of care for controlling hypertension
  • Protect unique medical identifying information
  • Give patients the value of your “presence”
  • What’s new with fees and code edits

April 2018 

  • Join the fight against the opioid epidemic
  • One patient, two Blue plans? Get COB tips
  • BCBSAZ requires modifiers for telemed claims
  • Reap the rewards of a patient-centered culture

March 2018 

  • Don’t risk returned claims…act now!
  • Annual HEDIS medical record retrieval begins
  • Clinical guidelines for asthma controller meds
  • Connecting and caring through listening

February 2018

  • Exclusive networks news
  • Member ID prefixes verify eligibility and more
  • Low back pain: guidelines for imaging tests
  • Improving provider-patient communication
  • What’s new with fees and code edits

January 2018

  • BCBSAZ names new Chief Medical Officer
  • Look for more healthcare-related bills
  • Changes to classifications of type 2 diabetes meds
  • Allergen-specific sublingual therapies
  • Submit BlueCard member claims to BCBSAZ
  • Patient experience: 2017 in review

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