Provider Newsletter Archive 2019

December 2019

  • Update! 2020 precertification code list and request tool
  • 2020 Medicare Advantage prior authorization code list and resources
  • Federal Employee Program® changes for 2020
  • Vaping and vaping-related illness is on the rise

November 2019

  • New for 2020: Search our standard precertification list by procedure code
  • Coming soon! 2020 Provider Operating Guide
  • It’s American Diabetes Month—let's work together to spread the word
  • Top 5 recommendations from the American Academy of Family Physicians
  • Reminder: Quarterly fee updates and code edit changes

October 2019

  • Looking ahead to 2020: Precertification changes
  • Upcoming changes for BCBSAZ Medicare Advantage
  • PCP Coordinated Care HMO plans: What’s new for 2020
  • Simple formula for managing diabetes: Proactive healthcare plus self-care
  • Top 5 imaging recommendations from the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology

September 2019

  • Mobilize AZ helps the care you give go further
  • Give patients resources for non-emergency care
  • How to bill related services, procedures, items
  • Guidelines for common children’s health issues
  • Criteria for portable and stationary home oxygen

August 2019

  • Out-of-area Medicare Advantage PPO members
  • Customized precert list for large employer group
  • Staff changes: How to add names to our email list
  • BlueCard appeals/grievances? Send to BCBSAZ
  • Evidence-based guidelines for imaging studies
  • What's new with fees and code edits

July 2019

  • Guiding youth to a healthy weight and lifestyle
  • Arizona legislators pass healthcare-related bills
  • Does the benefit plan cover habilitative services?
  • How to improve your BlueCard® claim experience
  • Evidence-based gastroenterology treatments

June 2019

  • Provider Operating Guide midyear revisions
  • No prior auth for at-home colon cancer screening
  • Bill consultation services with correct E/M code
  • Customized precert list for new employer group
  • How precertification reduces risk, enhances care
  • Treating kidney disease: Top 5 recommendations

May 2019

  • 18,330 new opioid addiction treatment spots open
  • Women’s preventive screenings, assessments
  • Use frequency codes for 837 claim adjustments
  • Treatments for allergies and respiratory ailments
  • What’s new with fees and edits

April 2019

  • View member ID cards on the secure portal
  • Revised pricing policy for anesthesia services
  • You pay the bill for healthcare fraud
  • Cardiology screening tests for low-risk patients?

March 2019

  • Annual HEDIS medical records retrieval begins
  • Vaccines for children, adolescents, and adults
  • Provider FAQs for the eviCore precert process
  • Coverage for breast implant complications
  • Records requests for out-of-area members
  • Talking with your patients about imaging tests

February 2019

  • Get to know our 2019 exclusive networks
  • Member ID prefixes verify eligibility and more
  • Patient Focus: 2018 articles in review
  • What’s new with fees and edits

January 2019

  • Address pain, save lives with MAT treatment
  • HEDIS® action steps for statin therapy
  • Streamlining the precert process in 2019
  • New process for resolving ‘surprise’ bills
  • 2019 code edit rules, plus billing info

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