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March 2021

  • Messages from our BCBSAZ CMO and CEO: We’re thankful for providers, hopeful for Arizona
  • It’s all about our members: 2021 HEDIS data studies are underway
  • Effective May 1, 2021: Annual fee schedule updates
  • Access helpful provider resources for claim preparation
  • Action steps to help patients with diabetes overcome therapeutic inertia

February 2021

  • Building your patients’ confidence in COVID-19 vaccines
  • New data elements required for professional claims
  • April fee updates will not reflect the annual CMS fee changes
  • BCBSAZ adopts 2021 E/M code revisions
  • Get quick access to helpful 2021 provider resources
  • Always send CHS group claims to BCBSAZ—not the TPA

January 2021

  • As COVID-19 cases surge, BCBSAZ emergency measures continue
  • Important precertification updates for 2021
  • How to check your tier level for the new State of Arizona employer group plan
  • PCP Coordinated Care HMO plan updates for 2021
  • Funding the fight: Now accepting proposals for a substance use disorder grant
  • Be aware of COVID-19 lab testing scams for Medicare-age patients

December 2020

  • Take this opportunity to preview the 2021 provider operating guides
  • 2021 State of Arizona employee health plan offers new tiered benefit option
  • National Blue High Performance Network benefit plan available for 2021
  • Federal Employee Program® changes for 2021
  • Follow prescribing guidelines to protect patients from antibiotic-resistant infections
  • Give patients real-time answers for prescription costs and coverage through your EMR

November 2020

  • Reminder! Important portal security update starts November 19
  • COVID-19 emergency measures to continue without interruption
  • Follow CMS guidelines for genetic testing for Medicare Advantage members
  • Simple formula for managing diabetes: Proactive healthcare plus self-care
  • Reminder: Quarterly fee updates and code edit changes

October 2020

  • COVID-19 emergency measures update effective November 1
  • Seasonal flu won’t stop for the COVID-19 pandemic: Help patients avoid the risks
  • Revised preservice requirements code lists now available
  • BCBSAZ adds new Medicare Advantage BluePathway HMO plan for 2021

September 2020

  • Pre-service review requirements changing October 1
  • Co-prescribing naloxone with high-dosage opioids can help save lives
  • October 1: BCBSAZ begins Medicare Advantage reciprocal PPO network sharing
  • Monitoring high-risk opioid analgesic prescribing practices
  • Encourage your female patients to get recommended mammograms

August 2020

  • BCBSAZ continues COVID-19 emergency measures
  • Watch for changing patterns in substance use during the era of COVID-19
  • Effective August 1: New fill limits for benzodiazepines and hypnotic medications
  • Reminder: Quarterly fee updates and code edit changes

July 2020

  • Update on COVID-19 emergency measures
  • Effective August 1: Claim payment change for Medicare Advantage plans
  • Guidelines for keeping children and adolescents up to date with vaccinations
  • COVID-19 tele-everything: Best practices for providers

June 2020

  • COVID-19 waivers and adjustments: See what’s changing
  • Launch of eviCore utilization management program for Medicare Advantage members
  • Save time: Use the precertification request tool for emergency/urgent admission notifications
  • Follow-up care after ED visits is always important—but especially for these patients

May 2020

  • The new Substance Use Resource Center helpline: Free, confidential, and available for all Arizonans
  • BCBSAZ supports ADHS-exempted providers as they resume elective surgeries
  • BCBSAZ to partner with eviCore for Medicare Advantage members
  • BCBSAZ changes name for provider partnerships reps
  • Reminder: Quarterly fee updates and code edit changes

April 2020

  • Update from BCBSAZ CMO Dr. James Napoli on tele-everything benefits
  • The fight against the opioid epidemic goes on: Join the MAT Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes (ECHO)
  • How to help your billing team access important claim information
  • Billing for most drugs supplied in outpatient facilities: Use revenue code 0636 (not 0250)

March 2020

  • COVID-19: BCBSAZ expands support for affected members
  • It’s all about our members: 2020 HEDIS® data studies are underway
  • See helpful revisions to the BCBSAZ Medicare Advantage prior authorization fax form
  • The news is good: Regular screenings help find and prevent cervical cancer
  • Telemarketing phishing schemes defraud patients with unneeded meds, DME, and other services

February 2020

  • 2020 BCBSAZ Medicare Advantage Provider Operating Guide and other important updates
  • Arizona legislators to vote on a record number of bills, many targeting healthcare issues
  • The Choosing Wisely® initiative: An executive summary of our 2019 Patient Focus articles
  • Annual update of BCBSAZ fee schedules

January 2020

  • Medication assisted treatment for opioid addiction: Evidence-based care that saves lives
  • Continue using 2019 precertification requirements for 2020 PCP Coordinated Care HMO plans
  • Help your patients with chronic asthma to breathe easier
  • Change in claim submission for Corporate Health Services group members

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