19:01 PM

Update: Yavapai Regional Medical Center

Yavapai Regional Medical Center Declines Increase and Leaves Network 

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Ready to Assist Members 

“We had every reason to believe that Yavapai Regional Medical Center intended to meet us in the middle and stay in network,” says Pam Kehaly, President and CEO, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona. “Providers should absolutely be paid fairly and honored and respected for their talent, expertise, and compassion. To protect affordability, we all need to make sure that unnecessary increases be kept in check, especially in this case where hospital costs are double and triple what we see in other parts of the state. Because individuals and families can’t negotiate rates directly, we consider standing up for our members one of the most important things we do.”

Yavapai Regional Medical Center’s decision to leave the network does not apply to nearly 80% of our 58,000 covered members in Yavapai County. Emergency care, even at Yavapai Regional Medical Center, is still covered at in-network rates.  

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona clinical care teams are making certain that patients can continue scheduled care, surgeries, and inpatient stays that are underway. We are working quickly to accommodate patients who have asked us to help them find alternate care settings and making special arrangements for those patients who may be facing a life altering diagnosis.

“Our number 1 goal is getting our members the care they need,” says Dr. Cara Christ, Chief Medical Officer for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona. “We are responding to each patient who reaches out with questions or needs guidance. Insurance is complicated and it is our job to sort out the details in this type of transition.” 

 Members can: